Lufthansa 787-9

i am having eurowhitephobia but this does look amazing

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I love the livery, but I feel like it’s gonna take 6 months at least till it’s getting delivered 😰


Or never :)

I’d say 6 months is probably relatively accurate, considering deliveries are expected in Mid Q3, and it probably isn’t gonna be the first to be delivered

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Let’s hope so! I am always for any Lufthansa fleet addition, but I read that Emirates doesn’t expect any deliveries before 2024. To be fair I am not sure which was their initial delivery schedule and they are also known to exaggerate a little when it comes to such topics.


Here is a test flight on the Lufthansa 787 looks great on it 🇩🇪🦢🌕

Delivery seems to be set to late summer now as the FAA is signaling recertification of the B787 production.

Lufthansa 787-9 going to fly on domestic.

D-ABPA flew as Boeing 808 earlier today from its production site at Everett Paine Field down to San Francisco International Airport as a demonstration flight! Here it is as it flies over the Bay Area on approach to SFO, noting the reregistration to a Boeing Test Registration of N2006V:

(Credit in Image)


I don’t know how accurate this is but I’ll just put it here:

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You definitely got my vote! Would absolutely love to see this bird in Infinite Flight.

The current plan is that Lufthansa will receive its first B787 in either August or September. While this isn’t certain as we are dealing with Boeing here, the second B787 has been painted and will receive the name “Frankfurt am Main” and thus becomes the second B787 to receive a name of one of the parked A380s in Teruel.

The A380 that originally bore the name (D-AIMA):



Whenever this happens within the next few days, we’re gonna see the Lufthansa B787 being delivered. Vote now to support an expedited addition to the simulator so we can realistically fly the Lufthansa B787-9 routes starting with the FRA-YYZ route announced as the first for the type.


Finally i don’t have to fly the LH 77F anymore. Hope i have a new working horse 😄

The latest test flight, possibly the last before the delivery.