Lufthansa 787-9

Beautiful livery. Lufthansa will get the first 787-9 in the end of the year 2021 :D
It will replace the 747-400 :(

And the first A340-300s too I suppose

Some Dreamliner going to Swiss and Austrian i think

Yeah, me too. Especially Austrian is in big need of new generation long haul aircraft. Swiss also might replace some A340s with them. I wish Brussels Airlines would also get some, but because they only have Airbus long haul aircraft I doubt that that will ever happen :(

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Yes your right but in this time with corona they dont need some new longhaul jets because it will not earn enough money… They sould wait for the end of corona…
I hope Swiss and Edelweiss will get A350 because the Swiss and Edelweiss livery are so beautiful on the A350-900 -

Well at the moment it’s all about future planning and while acquiring aircraft at the moment might be hard for airlines, it’s definitely an intelligent move as you can get aircraft much cheaper at the moment. I don’t exactly know, but I also think the A350s all go to Lufthansa and won’t be distributed within the e Group but I am not 100% sure

Super support is Liverie. But at the moment I have no votes available.😁

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A350s all go to Lufthansa whereas the 787s will be distributed as of now

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