Lufthansa 787-9

Since Lufthansa Group Recently announces they purchased Dreamliners for three of their airlines, including Lufthansa, I think a Lufty Dreamliner would be gorgeous! Especially since we may not getting the A350 for a while this would do for the time.



Of course this request has my immediate vote! Looks absolutely gorgeous!


I know right! When I saw that they ordered it I thought it is a must for IF!


Hello you had my vote.✈🛫🛬🗳🗳


You got my vote. This should definitly be added in the future.


Nice one but its not yet confirmed which airline in the LH group will get the 787


This looks amazing! Definitely removing a vote for this.

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They are getting it it’s been confirmed

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Maybe, i didnt find any official source though

Check Lufthansa News on Twitter which is an official Page, DJs aviation, and Flight Global 😊

It literally says Lufthansa Group in all of them

No fights please @NeperQiell and @Daniel14! Please do it in the PM section of the IFC.

We’re not fighting 😊

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Huh? Who s fighting?

Just a reminder :) Even you aren’t, I’d like to forward the topic that you shouldn’t fight regarding what is what.

@NeperQiell just PM me if you want to elaborate further so we don’t clog up this thread 🙂

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How many votes does a feauture have to get for it to be considered by the Devs?

No problem at all, we will know soon

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Votes are used to show if the community has interest so the more votes there is shows more interest the community has. There is no set number, but the more the better!

It was quick to create a topic for this livery, I saw a story about it today. 🙂
I hope it will be answered soon; the livery is beautiful, just like the aircraft.