Lufthansa 747 crosswind landing Kai Tak

Runway 13
Winds 098/29G34
Crosswind Factor 19 Knots

As in real, when RA calls “10”, Rudder right and same time Aileron left in the wind.This should happen just 1-2 seconds before touchdown. As you can see, when rudder and aileron are used coordinated at the right moment then there is no drift at all after touchdown.After touchdown use the rudder to keep the nose aligned with he centerline and keep the ailerons in the wind.

Pushing the rudder too early let’s you drift in wind direction over the runway edge, push it too late and you touchdown with a crab angle, resulting in blue overheat marks on the shoulder of your tires and most likely a hard landing.


You flew the Kai Tak approach very well! Nice landing with the 747,great video!


Thank you I’m glad you like my first ever YouTube upload ;)

nice 👍👍👍👍👍👍