Lufthansa 747-8 (New Livery)

Hi y’all! As you know, the new Lufthansa livery was unveiled, and I’m loving it. Today I’m requesting the new livery on the 747-8.

Background of the Livery
This livery was unofficially unveiled February 1st, 2018. The changes to the Lufthansa livery include, a new shade of blue, a thinner outline to the Lufthansa tail logo which is now a light grey, engine cowlings with the same shade of grey and a blue wedge that extends from the tail to the bottom of the fuselage.

The Boeing 747-8 is a wide-body jet airliner developed by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. It is the longest member of the Boeing 747 family. The 747-8 variant also has the longest range out of the whole family.

Length - 250ft 2in
Cabin Width - 20ft
Range - 7,730nmi
Fuel Capacity - 63,034 gallons
Cruise Speed - M.86
Service Ceiling - 43,100ft

Reason for Request
Lufthansa has had the same livery for almost 30 years. This livery, albeit a small, but noticeable change, is a new era for the airline. Lufthansa is transitioning to the “sleek” airline status, and this livery is only boosting that transition. If implemented, this livery would increase the realism levels, and would allow more players across the world to experience the real life aircraft.


Thanks for reading all of this! Please, vote to show the developers that we want this livery!

Have a good day!

Let me see what vote I can use on this!

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As girls say in my school “Thats so GOOORGUS!”

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Now this if how a feature request should look. Well made!


Very well-made request, but dang I wish they didn’t change their livery…


Thank you! I always like to put lots of work and research into my requests to persuade more people to vote!-

I said it before and by gosh i will say it again this would look stunning in IF!


I agree, it would be awsome to have the new LH livery


Geuss What?

FDS has been nice enough to grant your request for the Lufthansa B747 in the new livery!!

Congratulations and Hope Everyone Has Fun Flying This New Bird!

Yours Truly,


Confirmed ✈️