Lufthansa 747-8 HD Shots over Greenland

Background: Shots of the beautiful Lufthansa 747-8 Intercontinental over Greenland.

Server: Expert / Route: EDDF-MMMX / Location: Greenland

Here are the photos! Enjoy :)
(10 photos, including two wallpapers that anyone may use! Please give credit or acknowledgement though!)


Nice pictures!

very green aye!

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I can never get over on how good that tail looks. 😍


Lufthansa and 747 looks soo nice together!

Great photos!

Great view and pics keep it up

Honestly, without the High Definition Scenery, Greenland just looks like a cloud. But nice shots anyways. Love Lufthansa. 👍

You should meet up on how does the camera do capture
So fine
Looks good
High quality
Dashboard match size

Great Pictures mate! The 2018 Lufthansa livery looks spectacular against the white snow of Greenland <3.

nice pictures