Lufthansa 747-400 livery: Some major glitches :(


i am sorry pointing this out but i really would like to address some glitches in the Lufthansa livery on the

-The tail sign should be TD not YA
-The grey line behind the wing is too high, that is a significant design that LH has, normally the airlines have a line horizontal from the nose to the aft of the aircraft at the same high. LH is different, please see attached pictures. The grey line aft of the wing starts always at the aft end of the flaps in retract position.
-The blue is too light, same to the yellow and grey. I attached the color codes .
-The “Lufthansa” name is too large

Q: Is there a way i could help with the paint ? Is it possible to correct the livery ? That would be really appreciated, the current paint job is ok but it has not the “expert” level :)!


These will most likely get fixed when the 747 gets reworked. You can vote for it here;

Oh,then I apologize. Did not know that. Thank you for the link. I thought the paint job can be changed also
for an existing model. I will then vote for it. Thanks again.

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