Lufthansa 737, thank you for your service!

Lufthansa has ended all operations of the 737 two days ago.



Lufthansa Boeing 737 1968-2016 ;-;


Well, they squeezed all the potential of the plane. Farewell LH 737, you served well.

It was a sad day for sure. The first airline to operate the 737 and now they’ve converted their entire fleet to A320s. Wish they could operate both, but airlines are now consolidating their narrow body fleets into one manufacturer.


Why my birthday is full with aicraft retirements! :/

Btw, Thanks Lufthansa for serving the 737s, and also thanks to 737s to serve Lufthansa until 29th October, 2016. You will always be remembered

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don’t be sad, when life takes away something… it replaces it with something better :) your lucky it’s on your bday, everything new’s coming in xD and HAPPY BIRTHDAY


oh my, hate this news. Hate seeing any boeing get out of service. Boeing all the way, all the way.


If it’s not Airbus I don’t CareBus


Pity to see it go! I remember when BA got rid of theirs. :(

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Ok, time to make a riot of a request for this livery 😂

Finally. Time for some A320neos 👻

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I prefer airbus but…


What are they replacing it with?

With the a320neo.

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This is a sad day indeed. Both the A320 and the B737 are great planes. But the A320 must suite Lufthansas needs better. Oh well, competition is competition after all.


Oh, come now, surely you aren’t talking about those boring old Airbus planes.

Boeing is closer to boring than Airbus.
One letter.


Sad to see the classics go. Lufthansa completely betrayed Boeing going for airbus and I wanna know the reasoning behind the decision to choose the a320 neo over the 737NG or MAX, why do u think Lufthansa chose the a320 NEO

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Because Airbus plays dirty and is willing to undercut Boeing to make a sale. They took back A340’s at a loss to sell A380’s and other assorted models.

Lol. Since when did this turn into an Airbus hate topic?