“Lufthansa 510 heavy, request heading 230 to avoid”

…maybe one day this request will be added to ATC after the clouds made it into IF :) It then could look like this, when the IF A340-600, en route to Buenos Aires as LH 510, requests another heading to avoid weather. Solo server.


My mind points to this… 🤔


Oh come on, give it a rest. This is a really nice edit and I see nothing wrong with it! I think it deserves to stay open.

Great editing mate, one of your best!


Agreed to stay open, but there are points of overdoing it.

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I think it shows the beauty of an even older flight model like the 340-600 :)
But I didn’t know about this rule so feel free to close it of course.


haha yeaaa we dont talk bout that 😂

I think this:


I’m just joking now trying not to laugh, I won’t bother your topic any more. 😂

Once there is weather it would be really nice to have this! Nice edit too!

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^^^ Exactly this. Edits are cool at times but there has to be a line drawn. It’s just too much editing to a point where the screenshot is a small percentage of Infinite Flight and a large percentage of a real life photo.