Lufthansa 456

Runways: 13R to 25R
Cruising altitude: FL400
Aircraft type: B748( Lufthansa)
Call sign: ZS-OTM

The Queen needs a rework


Hey I just want to let you know that I don’t think you can have the white boxes on this photo. I belive it’s against the rules of the screenshots category. These are some great photos though.


Yes. You need to get rid of that photo asap that way your post doesn’t get taken down. All photos must be taken in game with the built in screenshot. If you want to take photos while you’re currently flying make sure to remove your hud, white boxes and airports. If something is showing go ahead and crop your photo.

I had no idea it is against the rules, thank you for letting me know

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No problem! just wanted to let you know

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