Lufthansa 434 Heavy | Munich - Chicago O'Hare | Airbus A350 - 900

Lufthansa 434 Heavy | MUC - ORD

Welcome back to another photo topic! These photos will be on a flight I did recent from Munich, Germany to Chicago O’Hare, Illinois. I’ve always wanted to fly into O’ Hare from Europe and now was the opportunity! So let’s get into the photos!

Flight Details

Flight Time: 9 hours 17 mintues

Aircraft and Livery: Airbus A350-900 in the Lufthansa colors

Route: EDDM - KORD

Sitting at the gate in Munich, getting all the passengers and cargo aboard.

Lining up runway 8L for the long flight across the Atlantic.

Lift off!

Leaving Irish airspace to join Track A over the Atlantic Ocean.

Canada up ahead as we continue to Chicago.

Starting our turn South above Northern Michigan on the WYNDE1 arrival.

Downwind runway 10C as we roar past O’Hare and downtown Chicago.

Final turn into runway 10C.

Moments before touch down. Also an American Airlines B789 on final from Budapest, Hungary.

At Terminal 5 unloading all the passengers and cargo after a long 9 hour flight.

Thanks for viewing my pictures! More to come soon!


Yesss!! KORD my home airport!! 🤩🤩

Also, thanks for landing on the correct runway!! Always appreciate people following realism. Hope you used the correct taxi-procedures 😉 just kidding!

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Pretty sure I did! Always a great time flying into O’Hare realistically!

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Hold up

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Those are the things we don’t talk about. My mistake haha!

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