Lufhtansa's new livery

I thunk it’s time to get it on some aircraft’s like add it on the a321 the 747 and etc…

I think it’s already added to the 747-8 in IF?

Lufthansa A321 (new livery)

Lufthansa A320-214 (New Livery)

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Ah yes I’m talking about the 747-400 variant just cuz i play solo!

I don’t think the did that irl

There’s no any lufhtansa livery on the a321 but there’s the old one on the 747-400 variant and the 747-8 has the one which in talking about!

This is already featured on quite a few aircraft in Infinite Flight with others to come. Also, don’t forget to use the search bar where you could find similar feature requests to avoid a duplicate. Cheers!