LuckyRc’s ATC Tracking Thread - [closed]@N/A

Hello! This is my atc tracking thread. I would love to start my journey for atc and maybe apply for IFATC

Airport KPHL

Server Training

Runways 27R, 27L, 17

Frequencies Ground and Tower

Time 1 hour.

What I would like to work on pattern work and ground commands

I have only staffed a few airports so I am very new. If people could give me help On anything I did wrong. thanks!

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I’ll be there and you can also tag me next time you open

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Thanks for coming!

I’m on my way!

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As soon as I joined you left 😢

Super sorry. Just realized I had a flyout I had to attend I will tag you next time.

Feedback from: Judgement 575 Super


  • There are three runways that you could have used instead of just 27R, take advantage of the multiple runways
  • 360 should have been issued to the right, the other aircraft and I nearly collided
  • If the pilot announces “touch and go” you should do “cleared for the option.” I was cleared to land when I was doing a touch and go
  • No landing clearance the second time. Must always clear an aircraft every time
  • Exit runway was good


  • Progressive taxi should not have happened. Those should only be used for really busy airports
  • The instructions were good, a few of them were sent at the last second so it was hard to turn

Practice will make perfect! I would suggest taking a look at the ATC manual. If you have any questions you can also pm me :)

Lol no worries

That’d be great :)

Thanks for all the support. I did progressive taxi to practice and I also realized About the landing clearance problem. Also sorry about the near collision.

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No problem. For your first time it was pretty good, there are just some things that can be fixed ;)

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Im open at kfat to get some operations in to get more experience.

Airport KFAT

Server Training

Runways 29L

Frequencies Ground and Tower

Time 30 minutes

What I would like to work on pattern work.


I’m on my way. 5 min

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Thank you!

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If you have any feedback it would be great to hear. Thanks for coming


-Good transition altitude of 3000ft, however, looks like you took a bit to respond. (I’ll leave it just in case) The formula for transition is: Airport Elevation + 2500, then round up to the nearest 500. (KFAT= 335ft + 2500= 2838 → 3000ft)
-Good pattern entries, both on the inbound and runway change.
-Clearences were good, but I’ve got some observations…

  • [00:42:12] Inbound clearence with no traffic direction.
  • [00:48:13] You cleared that up now with the traffic direction…
  • [00:49:27] Here you nailed that clearence after the runway change.

-And finally, you’ve nailed the exit command!

Tips for the next session:

Remember that traffic direction is only used when Inbound, Runway change, or depature (when aircraft is remaining on the pattern obviosly). Once aircraft made it’s first T&G / departed, then traffic direction will be not needed.

Hopefully you can get more aircraft in future sessions to work on the sequences and possible conflicts (including Ground and Go Around). If you have any questions, please let me know!

Thanks for the ATC. Good job today!

The transition altitude was me trying to remember the formula and I remembered right after that I forgot to give you a pattern for left or right. Thanks so much.

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No worries. What I can suggest to avoid that is having the transition altitude set before starting the session, so you don’t need to calculate again.

See you around!

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Thanks for the tip! I had the same issue with it on my first session too.

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Im open once again At kmyr. Please join if you want too.

Airport kmyr

Server Training

Runways 36

Frequencies Ground and Tower

Time 30 minutes at least

What I would like to work on pattern work and sequencing if I get enough aircraft.


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Closing in 5