Lucky Lukla

I’ve tried flying from Kathmandu to Lukla three times in the TBM And I keep crashing I’ve tried practicing in solo mode but it seems that it’s impossible to land or takeoff there any tips for how to safely operate there


Don’t crash is my only tip 😂


The most useful tip of the year 🤣


Put thrust level full, and put to full


You have to slam the plane onto the runway to be able to stop in time


I landed a 737-8 at lukla and never crash into the mountains._. my tip is to just smash the aircraft down

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Does slamming plane to land happen in real life like that?
Won’t passengers feel discomfort? 🤔

Tbm don’t fly to lukla irl so yeah

No, little twin props land there, they can stop really quickly so they don’t have to land hard.


Try coming in at a slower airspeed. It’s best to try and use all of the runway but make sure you’re coking in slow slow so that you don’t overrun. That’s my tip

skill issue


@anant opened Lukla today, it was chaos.

^this is Lukla’s max capacity


I managed to land the A380 on solo but I am also having trouble with the small aircraft on live :(

I just tried 4 or 5 times. First couple didn’t work. MCA (minimum controllable airspeed) came back to haunt. It worked after that.

It has you already at the point of killing your lift when wheels touch:

“maneuvering at the slowest airspeed at which the airplane is capable of maintaining controlled flight without indications of a stall—usually 3 to 5 knots above stalling speed.
By definition, the term “flight at minimum controllable airspeed” (MCA) means a speed at which any further increase in angle of attack or load factor, or reduction in power will cause an immediate stall.”

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I couldn’t see how this was possible, but after some tries and low weight, I got 737-7 to a full stop in time. I don’t know if I would say I slammed it into the runway. But timing the airspeed fall off took several tries.

TBM 80kts or less seemed to work consistently.

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no plane currently in game is designed to land at lukla with fuel, don’t feel bad u couldn’t land the TBM lol

Ah yes, the airport where i got my first level 3 violation by flying a b757 during an FNF XD


Lmaoo as expected

Ok with the small plane. But why didn’t you manage to land the A380?! 🙄🤔

But you you bounce and reverse thrust disengages and you have no brake.