Lucky Air Airbus A330-300

Why do we need this: Usually its the lack of Chinese airlines in each aircraft on mostly short haul and medium haul, however with this one we can give the attention most players of china they deserve with awesome airlines to fly with

They heck is and lucky air?: Lucky Air (Chinese: 祥鹏航空公司; pinyin: Xiángpéng Hángkōng Gōngsī) is a low cost carrier based in Kunming, Yunnan, China.[1][2] The airline started with flights between Dali and Kunming and Xishuangbanna and Kunming, and expanded soon to other areas of China and added international routes as well. Its base is Kunming Changshui International Airport.[3] The airline is one of the four founding members of the U-FLY Alliance.
(Also chengdu)

Powered by two General Electric CF6-80E1, Pratt & Whitney PW4000, or Rolls-Royce Trent 700 engines, the 63.69 m (208 ft 11 in) long −300 has a range of 11,750 km / 6,350 nmi, typically carries 277 passengers with a 440 exit limit and 32 LD3 containers.[105] It received European and American certification on 21 October 1993 after 420 test flights over 1,100 hours.[120] The −300 entered service on 16 January 1994.[39] The A330-300 is based on a stretched A300 fuselage but with new wings, stabilisers and fly-by-wire systems.

In 2010, Airbus offered a new version of the −300 with the maximum gross weight increased by two tonnes to 235 t. This enabled 120 nmi (220 km; 140 mi) extension of the range as well as 1.2 t increase in payload.[121] In mid-2012, Airbus proposed another increase of the maximum gross weight to 240 t. It is planned to be implemented by mid-2015. This −300 version will have the range extended by 400 nmi (740 km; 460 mi) and will carry 5 t more payload. It will include engine and aerodynamic improvements reducing its fuel burn by about 2%.[122] In November 2012, it was further announced that the gross weight will increase from 235 t to 242 t, and the range will increase by 500 nmi (926 km; 575 mi) to 6,100 nmi (11,300 km; 7,020 mi). Airbus is also planning to activate the central fuel tank for the first time for the −300 model.

yea sure its similar to BA but atleast it looks kinda better imo

I’d vote for this but I’m at my limit :/ I do hope they add it tho. It looks cool! Along with air transat, Turkish and virgin Atlantic

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Heres the routes from this aircraft :D

there might be more though

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Nice livery but omg look at that rip-off British Airways Tail

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Suped up BA tail 😂


Yep I knew people are gonna say “rip off BA tail” :'l atleast it goes to interesting parts of china and kunming also since nobody talks about those airports

At least its not a Eurowhite (maybe) since you hate those liveries lol

Alwight the A330 might win today so be aware if you wanna vote Ok we won I guess


Bump in this since I think the A330 might be almost ready by spring or june

Ooh! A BA but in red and yellow colours!

I don’t even know that lucky air have A330

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