Luck not on my side today

Today I took off with my 787-10 from KSAN in a flight to KLAX. At my first approach to 25L, I was too fast and aborted the landing. Then I went around and made a second attempt. As KLAX TOWER was not active, A Delta 747 was on the runway and I needed to abandon that approach, then I went to an approch to 24L. That one failed too as I was again too fast. And when going for another approach to 24R, This happened

Is this normal?


It’s a new plane!

keep practicing and you’ll get the hang of her

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Yeah. Now, let’s see what the 777-200LR crashes like

the 777 likes me

I’ve already got the hang, the family acepted me 😉


When I first tried out the 787-9 on solo, I had a tailstrike.

I would test the plane on solo first, and then take it to Live. It will save you some face ;)


All your luck came to me…I went to NC in a LOT 788 on Expert, never flown it, took off, did a half-hour flight with no violations, and made a beautiful -143 vs landing. Hehehe

This is normal if you grind the tail on the runway

Ok now I’m getting the hang of it. I landed my Delta 787-8 successfully


It’s okay we all need some warm ups hear you tail striked

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You tailstriked her😱😤!!!
You shouldn’t be landing faster than 155 kts, and you should have armed spoilers and full flaps on final.

check you weight

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