Lucason60fps’s Official ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hey guys this is my official ATC tracking thread. I will be at KBDL on the training server. Please be aware that I’m in training so only positive feedback please. Thank you

PS: Only Tower and ground will be open
Status: Open at KBDL


I’ll come for some patterns

Edit: It says KBDL is unmanned, are you sure you’re open?

Yes on training

Are you completely sure? It doesn’t show as being controlled…

Ill open again hold up

I reopend it hopefully it works

Unfortunately, I’ve still no luck.

I will see what the issue is

Wait, can you open back up again for me?

Yeah sure hold up

Awesome, it’s fixed!

Yessir pattern work right?

Yeah, I’ll do patterns

Ok thanks again

I would like to join , but I dont see KBDL open right now on training server aswell.

Idk why that is but @Kyle is in

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He is open, it’s just a glitch. Spawn in and his frequency’s will appear.

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Ok thanks.

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I’ll join for some pattern work in a TBM if this is still open.

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It is. However it won’t show up as open u will need to just spawn in at a gate