Lucasaviationā€™s Official Twitch Stream Thread

Hello IFC!! This is my official Twitch Stream Thread šŸ„³šŸ„³. Btw, @Drummer said that I post in this category so donā€™t yell at mešŸ˜‚. Anyway, letā€™s get into it!


Canā€™t wait to see some streams

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I will stream probably tmrw or friday. Weekdays are usually busy for me.


Canā€™t wait :)

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Hello everyone, I will stream sometime today, any ideas?

I really dont know tbh

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I believe Iā€™ll be center at LAX on ts

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Im in class rn

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Iā€™m not I have td off

I wonā€™t stream till later tho

which is in how long?

Prob 2 hours from now

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Ok I will see if I can come

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Stream starts at 6:00 pm EST