LucasaIF’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Transition at 2,500ft

My app crashed but I’ll just give feedback from my short session now;

  • Transition at 2,500ft

  • No clearance on first pattern

  • Loss of separation with another aircraft when I was on final - you should’ve given them an extend downwind

  • Late G/A

When’ll you be open to? I’ll be there in around 15 mins

Thanks for the feedback. Maybe try and spawn again if it’s not a hassle. I’ll give you better service this time. 😂

No thanks, I have to do a long-haul flight now. Thanks anyways!

As long as there’s traffic I’ll stay open.

ATC services at KSAN are CLOSED. Thanks to all the pilot showed up. Until next time!

Howdy y’all! Right now I’m opening tower and ground in Boise, ID (KBOI). Come stop by!

Server: Training
Rwy in use: 10L, 10R

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K boi, I’m coming

United 5043

  • when J-Air was requesting takeoff I sent vital info on my position that is very helpful

Everything else good my app lagged and I crashed

Also why did you send me to go around?

I was landing RWY 10R

You were coming in too hot. It wasn’t going to be safe landing. As for the touch and go, I already cleared you for the option.

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In that case, it’s up to the pilot to go around if he thinks the landing is too unstable to continue. You’re just making things complicated for yourself if you send a go around when you decide an aircraft’s approach is too unstable to continue. You’re the controller, not the pilot. Let him fly the plane, not you.

Can you please elaborate on that? It’s very vague.

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The J-Air plane was requesting takeoff as I was on right base so I said I was on right base giving info incase he forgot

My app keeps lagging and the FPS goes down

I held the J-Air short because I saw you were coming. I understand what you were trying to do though.

That is not vital information, and in that case you were incorrect. All it does is clutter the frequency, and you’ll most likely get a ‘you’re already cleared to land, avoid unnecessary reports on expert server.’ You shouldn’t have reported your position. The controller can see you, that’s his job. He doesn’t need reminding that you’re on base. And also, how would it be his fault if you reported your position?

Ok then . .

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