LucasaIF’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Good morning! Welcome to my ATC thread.

Right now I’ll be opening up tower and ground at KCLT. I’ll be open for about 50 minutes.

Server: Training
Departing Rwys: 18C, 18L
Landing Rwys: 18R, 18L
Pattern work is allowed


KCLT is closed. Hopefully when I open later today I’ll get at least one pilot. 😂

If you’re looking to join IFATC, I’d suggest trying airports with parallel runways.

Some of the common training airports include:


KCLT is a difficult airport and above what you’ll be tested on whilst joining IFATC. That’s assuming you are interested in becoming IFATC.

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Yeah that’s what I though haha. I was trying to think of another one to open tonight. Thanks for that list though!

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You can also always apply for official training using the thread below :)

I already sent a message to one of the mods. Hopefully I’ll be starting training soon. :)

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Good evening y’all! Tonight I’m opening up tower and ground at San Jose (KSJC).

Server: Training
Rwys in use: 30L, 30R

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ill swing by

Just a little detail… When i first requested pattern work and departed i never received a pattern entry. A common downwind or a base pattern is sufficient and then clear for option. The pattern entry command only needs to be done once though unless you have multiple aircraft in your airspace and need to command traffic. So you’re on the right track. Just make sure you give those pattern entries for patterns and planes entering your airspace. i’ll be reentering shortly

I’m on my way.
Also quick side note: it’s so helpful to log on to the expert server, sit on the ground, tune into ground or tower, and just see what they do. you learn a lot, and they usually don’t care.

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@AgentQuu you are incorrect, if you are remaining in the pattern and the controller says ‘’ runway xx cleared for takeoff, make right traffic ‘’ there is no need for a pattern entry.

@LucasaIF just some observations, you should seq on down wind if other aircraft are present in the pattern (eg, Number 2 traffic to follow is on right downwind) and the clear for the option on the downwind,

or if just one person on the pattern just straight clear on downwind :)

I will also stop by.

Transition at 3,000ft.

No shade, but it’s a pretty common mistake ifatc has made in the recent past if that’s the case. Like the Northeast US regional day a few weeks back. But it’s all good Mistakes are made. @LucasaIF the man has spoken ☝️ you did great out there though buddy. Look forward to you opening again.

Thank you. Look forward to seeing you again. 🤙

Just a bit of feedback so far;

  • You should’ve given me a “decend to pattern altitude” command when I was flying patterns at 3500ft.

  • The G/A that you gave me, I had already touched down and there wasn’t really any reason for it.

yes you only get a pattern entry if you are inbound. for example if someone is in the pattern and another aircraft is inbound you would say to the arriving aircraft (enter right downwind runway xx, number 2 traffic to follow in on right downwind) but for some one remaining in the pattern and already has been told to make right traffic no pattern entry is needed.

Also PS. im IFATC ;)

Over all good Performance :) @LucasaIF

Are you open

Yes, I still am!

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