Lucas_Nicolas's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hey IF Players!

I’m currently training to be a IFATC, and I am wanting to practice even more, so if you have any free time I would appreciate it if you could join and give me some feedback.

Airport -
Departures - Remaining In The Pattern
I also need to practice:
-Runway Change
-Go Around

ATC - Tower and Ground

In 30 minutes

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This topic should be under #atc, not #live:groupflights. Also, your title should look like this “Lucas_Nicolas’s ATC Tracking Thread - [OPEN] @ SABE”.


Hello, you made a tracking thread recently that is still active. Continue announcing below.

He dont know how works, but thanks for help him. He is my friend and is his first time creating a great topic in the forum :)

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Your Description is the exact same as mine, that I have wrote in my own Thread.

You should be writing it in your own words what you are wanting to learn etc instead of copying and pasting mine.


Hi :), i will talk with him and try to modify it

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It’s possible you can close this topic ?

Thanks 😊

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