Luanda to Recife, Boeing 737-700

Just wanted to share some pictures of my first flight in 2022, yesterday at around 2pm.
I flew a TAAG Angola Airlines Boeing 737-700 from Luanda FNLU to Recife SBRF in 5 hours and 51 minutes.

Parked at Luanda

I don’t know if parking those stairs there is the best idea…
It still fits for my 737 I guess
Departing runway 23

Bye bye Africa 👋

Cruising above the Atlantic Ocean now. First at FL290, soon FL330 and then FL350 for the last third of my flight. A very calm and uneventfull cruise, no turbulences, nothing to see and unfortunately I havn’t seen any other player for the whole flight…

South America in sight! (If you look closely)

(Left) downwind runway 18
Finally turned the autopilot of for my base

Seconds before a rather hard touchdown, runway 18

Good day Recife, you got an exotic visitor today

Arrived at a Gate

Thank you for watching


Hey there!

You took some great pictures but you posted your topic in the wrong category. There is a category called Screenshots and videos. See here!

Oops, sorry. Just changed it

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