Lty’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KSSC( practical passed)

Hello everyone!
I’m lty , I’ve just passed the IFATC written exam, I’m now practicing for the IFATC practice exam. Any feedback is really helpful, I hope that I control a few planes so I can practice sequence and ground conflicts.

Training Server


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Hello @JonesL, My callsign was POWER and here is my feedback:

[0204Z] HL-1234 should receive a enter right downwind for runway 22R

[0205Z] F-LTGT should receive a enter right downwind for runway 22R

No others issues, nice work!

Provided feedback via PM.

I was distracted.
Thanks for your feedback!

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I’ll stop by.

I was confused at the time

Emmm. Sorry about that.


You were good overall, but above I was HL-1234

Hi there, I am F-LTGT. Overall it was a good session, but I think my appearance caused some confusion to you lol

  • 0203Z: transition at 3000 should be fine, however there was HL1234 whose transition was also at 3000, so my transition should at higher altitude (like 4000). There was a separation incident at 0204Z which will result in immediate failure of your test.
  • 0205Z: Pattern entry given at wrong direction. Should be right DW 22L, though you caught that up later.
  • 0213Z: nice G/A for CZ7382
  • 0217Z: nice G/A for me, but it was highly unprofessional for CZ7382 to cut in line as you had sequenced him. Feel free to report him when in ES :)
  • 0218Z: No need to extend my upwind. To increase efficiency, you can let me enter right DW 22R and later sequence me as number 2, follow traffic on right DW. In that case it’s up to me to maintain safe distance from Skywest 456.
  • 0228Z: Like what I did, sometimes aircraft might use full runway length to decel, causing a loss of separation. So you need to closely monitor the traffic on final and issue G/A if required. (This one is a reminder)
    Good luck on your practical! The testers will fly more professionally and are less likely for you to get confused, so no need to worry. Feel free to call me for your next training session!
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I’ll send my feedback soon

@ me next time and I’ll try to come.

Thank you!

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Congratulations and welcome to the team!