Lty‘s ATC Tracking Thread-[CLOSED] @KBOI

Hello everyone!
I’m lty , I’ve just passed the IFATC written exam, I’m now practicing for the IFATC practice exam. Any feedback is really helpful, I hope that I control a few planes so I can practice sequence and ground conflicts.

Training Server



Sounds good! I’ll come in 30min😉

Feedback: Emm… Nothing?
Great job @JonesL!

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I’m coming


This is not necessary, cleared for the option include full stop, you just need to know that I’m not gonna fly anymore😉

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Okay thank you so much!

Oh my god, I did wrong a lot. I will read your feedbacks carefully!

Feedback By:HENRYD
1.Transition’s fine
2.An unnecessary downwind extension And extended too long
3. There were aircraft on the runway and were not extended
4. Give option permission too late
5. As soon as G-PMKY landed, the subsequent plane gave permission to take off, a little early conflict.
I hope my feedback will help you😊

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Thanks!🙏 it’s very helpful!

Well i think IT IS USEFUL because you were too close to another TBM 😂

he gave me follow, i will keep the interval, i think no need to extend (7 nm)

That time I was very very nervous. For safety, I gave Henry extend downwind.

Got it! I wasn’t paying much attention on that because I’m landing 😂

Hi, G-PMKY here.

Actually I think you did a lot right, but you panicked a bit when it got more complex and especially that Southwest lining up when you’d said to hold short.

  • Ground control is good
  • Transitions were at a good altitude
  • You gave pattern entries for all inbound and runway changes, and directions for all takeoffs - this is great to see and often missing for new controllers
  • Don’t be tempted to over control when a sequence will do, such as the extend downwind to Henry behind me. He knows he’s number two and will space himself accordingly.
  • Good go around for me when the runway was blocked. But Henry should have had one too, it was too close for his landing as well. (the right call for the Southwest should have been “not cleared to enter the runway”).
  • You cleared the takeoff behind my landing a bit too early. I normally wait until the landing plane commits to the turn and then I know they’re definitely exiting; remember IF’s recommended turn speed is 10kts.

As you get more confident try to give your sequences earlier so everybody knows what they’re doing, and give clearances as soon as you think the order isn’t going to change.

Good start, look forward to flying with again soon!


A sequence is sufficient. You’d extend downwind because of an unexpected conflict or a sequence change, e.g. inserting another aircraft ahead in the sequence or runway change.


Thanks, Really helpful!

I still have a lot of mistakes although I’m a IFATC 😂

Wow, a long feedback. I will read it carefully! Thanks!

Thank you so so so much! Your feedback encouraged me a lot!💪

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TS KBOI GT is now open again!

How long will you open👀