LTU International MD-11


LTU International was an airline that operated from 1955 to 2009 out of Düsseldorf until a merger with Air Berlin (R.I.P.). The MD-11 was operated in their fleet from 1991 to 1998 on routes from Düsseldorf to destinations such as Izmir, Puerto Plana, and Punta Cana. There were 4 aircraft of this type in their fleet. This specific aircraft (D-AERB) later served Swiss, Air Namibia, and currently flies for UPS as N283UP.

This aircraft has a very unique and colorful livery and history, and as such I feel it would be well-represented in Infinite Flight, especially seeing as the aircraft itself is still flying.

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Photo credits: Pedro Aragao via wikimedia ( via (

That is the longest photo credit ever
Any livery on the MD-11 looks good though 👌

Hey, you never know when someone will try to enforce that kind of stuff. But honestly, most liveries do look good on the MD.


You have my vote, LTU was one of the most underrated airlines. They were the first airline I ever flown with and sparked my love for aviation. I will always be grateful to this airline for giving me the aviation bug.

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Thanks! (I’m out of likes) This aircraft was actually the first 1:400 scale mode I ever bought, probably some 5-odd years ago. I saw it sitting on my shelf and made me remember what I was going to do. Also, that’s really cool.

That‘s a great MD-11 livery, totally support it. :)