LTU international A330-200 (2007 livery)

LTU is one of many airlines that has not yet been added to IF. (I think…) So I decided to make a request to add the LTU A330-200 in the 2007 livery. I want this livery because it is nostalgic and also looks really nice, IMO. What do you guys think about it? I do not believe this is a duplicate, but if it is just close this. Thanks!

Image belongs to Benutzer:Elbwestfale
Source of the image:
[Benutzer:Elbwestfale – Wikipedia]

About LTU International:

Hi man,

They have nothing a duplicate and only you sound good to keep one open. Have a good day your enjoy the topic.

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DOnt forget to Vote for your own Livery ;)

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