LTFM to KLAS on the 777-300er

For this flight, I decided to do a flight that isn’t real as of yet. I flew a Turkish 777 on a 13 hour flight to from Istanbul to Las Vegas. The route was pretty much straight there and it was flown on expert.

Checking out my ride to Vegas.

On board next to engine 2.

I crossed over quite a bit of scenery but wouldn’t have enough room to show it all on this post.

Crossing over Salt Lake.

Crossing by Lake Mead.

On final 26L with a United 737 taking off runway 26R

One final picture after arriving at the gate.

Here is the route.

Here is a video of the takeoff and landing.


Very realistic route

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Bumping this because the video is ready to be viewed!

I love the first one!!

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Sunrise departure are the best!😍
Cool photos! Btw, whats the name of the site where you see your route? (It doesnt seem like the ‘live flight map’

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It is InfiniteInfo

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