LTFM-KLAX / Turkish A350

I recently completed a very nice long haul from Istanbul to LAX in the A350 in the stunning Turkish Airlines livery! Flight time was 14 hours and 10 minutes on the Expert server, I decided to leave Istanbul heading up towards the North Atlantic track that was being used at the time. I then crossed in to Canada, across the Great Lakes, and down to LAX. And now, the photos!

  1. Just vibin’ at the gate at LTFM

  2. Makin’ my way out a town (Istanbul)

  3. Crossing Colorado

  4. Turning into the LA basin

  5. 🎶 Sweet home aLAbama🎶

  6. Touch down!

  7. Straight vibin’ at LAX

I understand these aren’t the super fancy, super edited, overly done images that dot the forum, I figured I would go “all natural”. Hope you enjoyed!


Very nice photos


We need more natural around here. Love the photos!

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Thank you! Im currently planning to post my current flight, but its mostly over the water so well see what I can do to remain “all natural”!

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