LTFM Airport failing to load

Hello! I decided to fly from LTFM today, but I found that the scenery wasn’t loading properly. It looked like this:

Fig. 1

This is the chunk of the scenery that’s not loading.

I tried clearing the scenery cache, changing network connections, reinstalling IF, restarting my phone, but none of these helped.

However, while gathering the screenshots for this post, I found out that getting the camera above ~12000ft will load the scenery (As shown in Fig. 2 below) but when it gets lower again, the same chunk disappears.

Fig. 2

My question is, is there anything else I can try to resolve this, or is this a known issue that will be fixed with a future NAV database update?

Edit: Something I forgot to mention originally, this issue only occurs at LTFM, I’ve tried spawning at other airports and they load completely fine.

it looks like your internet buddy.

I’ve already tried that, hasn’t helped.

@Alan_Scott Forgot to mention that this issue only occurs at this airport, but I will now.

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maybe @schyllberg can help you out

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Hi there,

If clearing the scenery cache doesn’t work after mutliple attempts, try to restart your app and device.

If this fails I would suggest reinstalling the App off the app store as a last resort. Be aware replays that aren’t backed up would be deleted.

I’ve already tried all the these steps, neither have helped

Even reinstalling the app?

Affirm, stated it here:

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I can’t replicate this. I imagine it is something to do with the rendering of the airport chunks, where you may have had an unlucky download twice.

Try reinstalling the app one more time, this should clear all stored data and cached scenery on the device.

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Roger, I will and I’ll give an update on the result.

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Update: That also hasn’t fixed it

I only know as far as this myself without going into an area I’m not confident with, my apologies. I hope your issue can be resolved!

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Ok. When you cleaned the cache were you in a flight or was the flight ended? This can make a difference. Make sure you do it again but do it before you hit fly.

How much free space do you have on your device?

Here’s how it went: I spawned in with the intention of doing a flight, saw that the scenery wasn’t loaded correctly, tried clearing the scenery cache (didn’t help), ended the flight, restarted the app. When the app was running again, I cleared my scenery cache first thing, then I went and launched another flight session, which also didn’t help. I tried this process again after changing the network from WiFi to Mobile, then again after reinstalling the app.

I have 3.13 GB of storage left on my device.

I could be wrong but that seems low in terms of storage needed to render the scenery and replays. Could very well be the issue.

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3gb is plenty.


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