LTFJ Taxi way problem

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LTFJ or Sabiha Gokcen airport is like London Gatwick but smaller than Gatwick airport. Sabiha Gokcen is very important base for Low-cost airlines like Anadolujet and Pegasus. But some important airlines coming too, like Qatar airways, Airact Cargo and Turkish Airlines.

Let’s come to our topic 😉
İf You spawn in LTFJ and you want to taxing to runway 24 or 06 you can see some taxi ways isn’t added there or some of them is wrong.

I hope airport editor solve this problem

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I have just checked, and the airport was last edited in 2016, which means the airport is very outdated with the current imagery/scenery available and the rules for IFAET. Hopefully, someone will redo the airport or make some touch-ups for it in the future.

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Hello, As Lawin has mentioned about when it was last edited. It most likely wont be touched unless an IFAET editor wishes to either update just the 2D or go full with 2D and 3D. It will get edited at somepoint by someone as the goal is to have all airports 3D in IF.

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Thanks for information ☺️

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Thanks for information Cooper i hope someone update This Airport 😌❤️


I agree with you👍

Ltfj is outdated and also there are so many users who prefer fly in Turkish borders. It means, we need more 3d airports. Thanks for LTFM and LTCN. But we also need LTFJ, LTAC, LTBJ, LTAI, LTCG with 3d buildings.

And we need AnadoluJet livery. Also we need taxi lights, developed taxi ways etc. And we need a good airport editing team. Oh… we need updates, updates, updates… but i am not hopeless. I think admins, mods, developers, editors will do their best. Because they did their best in the past and today we have one of the best simulators in mobile devices.


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