LTE - Gameplay

Hi Hey community, I read a post the other day where somebody said that LTE was unreliable in communicating with ATC. I’m wondering if using LTE primarily with Infinite Flight slows it down at all? Or makes it run unsmoothly? I don’t have Wi-Fi I never felt the need for it as I do not have a laptop anymore so I solely use LTE and it seems to work just fine. It rins fine and smooth but is wifi generally more reliable when it comes to this?


I have not heard of any LTE issues. As long as you have a solid connection and are not multitasking and leaving your app often you should be fine.


Okay cool it came from an IFA TC member but it seems to work just fine for me I have only had maybe one issue with communicating with ATC and I was told by one of the officers that it was on there and not mine. My procedure for losing connection with ATC is usually to divert. My LTE is unlimited and coverage is Statewide so I hope I’m good regarding that.

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