LSZS-LFSB // Cessna C-172 // N1322K

What is your favorite general aviation aircraft?
If you ask me, my favorite general aviation aircraft is the Cessna C172.

 Server: Expert
 Flight time: 1 hour and 10 minutes
 Plane: Cessna C172 (N1322K

IG- infiniteflightanr


My favorite GA aircraft is the TBM.


Nice, what do you like about the TBM?

I like that it is fast, very easy to control, able to fly from only the cockpit and still know what my Altitude/speed is.

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I agree, the TBM can go fast, and it is easy to control. (Not like the Cessna its so hard to fly lol)

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I honestly can’t take off in a C12, so props to u doing a flight in it

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It took me some time to fly it.

makes sense

Very beautiful shot

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I love the Cessna 172 just it doesn’t have enough power, irl they can climb at ~800 fpm with 2 adults in one

and great shot btw :)

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Thank you @Canadian_Aviator !

Thank you @LHardy64 !

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No problem! Any time!

I see what you did there lol

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ohh no pun intended


not 100% the C172 is only recommend at 500fpm 800fpm is really pushing it

I dont know how accurate this is

Do you mean in game or IRL?

IRL and it is accurate ingame if you try and do 800 you will most likely stall out and crash. You have to also maintain your speed. I know this because I have flown a C172 and I was told to not ascend faster than 500fpm

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