LSZH realistic procedures explained

Hi Folks and LSZH Fans!

quite often I see at LSZH supposed “real” procedures on expert server, but they are not corresponding to the RWY concept laid down in the “runway usage concept”

If you want a realistic LSZH scenario you would have to follow this:

North approach: Landing: RWY 14 and Departing: RWY 28 (or RWY 10 in case of special wind conditions called “Bise wind” meaning north-easterly strong winds) and Heavy on RWY 16
Monday-friday 7 am - 9 pm
saturday - Sunday 9 am - 8 pm

East approach: Landing RWY 28 and departing RWY 32 (heavies also on RWY 34)
monday-friday 9 pm - 11.30 pm
saturday-sunday 8 pm - 11.30 pm

South approach: Landing RWY 34 and departing RWY 28 / 32
monday-friday 6 am - 7 am
saturday-sunday 6 am - 9 am

Of course sometimes wind settings may force the airport to operate differently. But basically this is how the operations are in general :)

More Information can be found here (unfortunately the “runway usage concept” document is only in German…)

and with a nice official video in English:

I know, LSZH has a pretty difficult operating manner with the runway crossings, but in my opinion it is one of the coolest airports :)

I hope this helps you a little bid and wish you a lot of fun!

Happy Landings!


Good Topic! Being one of the closest airports to me, Zürich (LSZH), I know how it operates. But for others who don’t, it’s good to know.

Here is another link show how the runways are used.


That’s a great summary of the normal operations in Zurich, thanks!

Just to clarify a bit, as you partly mentioned, RWY 10 will only be used under special wind conditions, while RWY 28 and RWY 16 for departure and RWY 14 for landings is the standard configuration during the times you mentioned.

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True, RWY 10 is only in operation if there is “Bise” Wind (meaning north-easterly strong winds).

I will adapt the explanation accordingly :) Thanks for the input!


Exactly, thanks for your efforts!

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By the way:

As of the last airport editing upload (I think it was around nov/dec’19) LSZH has been updated!

You now have all accurate new parking stands, runway exits etc.

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