LSZH-KJFK Swiss A330-300

Hello! These photos are actually from 4th March 2023, but I would still like to show them.
This is my first screenshot topic with edited photos.
During the route I was flying through foggy mountains which is pretty spectacular.
Enjoy the photos

Flight Details🛫🛬

🧭Route: Zürich-New York
⏱️Time: About 8 hours
✈️Plane: Airbus A330-300 Swiss International Airlines
Server: Training

Takeoff from foggy ZRH. The taxiway I done was pretty questionable

Cruising over Europe, heading for the Atlantic and North America

Some Foggy mountains. Seems like the Mont Blanc for me

Landing in JFK after 8 hours

Thank you all for watching my photos. Good landings!


Nice pictures, but I cannot help to notice this is your second picture topic in the last 24 hours. and unfortunately this is not allowed. I recommend in future trying to stick to only 1 within a 24 hour period!

As said above, Screenshots and Videos topics can only be posted once a day. Thanks!