LSGG visual approximative flight paths for approach

When i will controlling LSGG airport in Global Flight, i will reproduce at the best possible the real approach and departure paths from the real world.

Here is the runway 23 departures and approach path that i see often in FR24.

###Runway 23

###Runway 05

##Now with approx altitude (approach)



Its not 100% real but i think its a good start.
You can find the real VAC for LSGG here :


Can I ask how this is a tutorial?

This would be more suitable to #general or #real-world-aviation.

Also global flight is probably a very long way away, but I understand that you feel excited.

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General maybe

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I’d go RWA, as this is how they do it in the real world.

Interesting, where did you find/make these?

What exactly do you mean, I can tell it’s Geneva Cointrin but that’s about it!

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