LSGG Spotting - Last weekend after Geneva Motor Show

Last time I posted private Jets and realised that my pictures were too much loaded. So I lowered the contrasting and lighted up a bit. Let me know what you think

Top Swiss A320

Bella avia 😍

Go for the Rednose

Le very long 7 7 7 - 3 0 0 E R

Nice nose there 👀

Oh yeah… that’s rain

I will probably post more often, see you later :)


I loved the B777 of Emirates


Norwegian looking really good!

Great pictures, I’m looking forward to see more :-)


and he’s back at it again trying to speak french

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Pardon ? Je te rappelle que je suis français et né à Paris donc oui, Le très long triple 7 :)

Traduction : some baguette au beurre salé and confiture stuff

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Also thanks for your kind comments everyone!

And he back at it again speaking French

Tres bien

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Wow! Amazing pictures. What camera do you use?

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Nikon D3400
With a 18-105mm from the D3300

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ooooh the Belavia Embraeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrr <3

It’s such a pretty livery


Like the Easy Jet ! The tail of aircraft looks nice as for the background😊

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Yep this picture is my favorite 😍

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