LSGG Reminders and Info

Quick message for anyone at LSGG right now: There will be frequent gate holds in place due to the long takeoff line blocking runway exits. This highlights the importance of reading the ATIS and listening closely for updates.


Hi, quick question, are their holding patterns in effect for arrivals to LGSS

With this many arrivals, I would expect lengthy delays either inbound or outbound of LSGG.

I’m being vectored in now and it seems to be going smoothly. The approach controller is doing a great job

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Remember to check ATIS to see which frequency you should contact upon arrival as well!

yeah i did. although it says contact approach on 120.3 when arriving from the north, east, west and south…? no information about the other frequency 🤷‍♂️

That means that you should contact that frequency and you’ll get handed off to the other :)

oh okay, i was a bit confused lol

Just a suggestion: Can someone close this taxiway to not allow people from GA parking cut the line?.

P.S. I can do it with Cessna 172. I just need IFATC controllers permission to not be ghosted.

Hey @Feurum,
First and foremost, there isn’t a a way to ‘close’ a taxiway. Secondly, If the controller sees that aircrafts are spawning there to cut the line they may tell them to hold position or Give Way commands.


And how long will they tell it to pilot? It’s just easier to block it and give way only GA planes.

Unfortunately, we can’t block taxiways. It would be great, but we can’t. Ground should hold that GA there until he deems it necessary to let him in.

As I already said, you can’t close a taxiway. How do you think IFATC would block it?

Pilots (volunteers) can close with it by staying there with nickname like taxiway closed or something like this.

That is very unrealistic. As I said above, if the controller wanted to prevent those in GA spots to cut in front, he would give someone either a “Hold Position” or “Give Way Command”.

Okay okay. I just made a suggestion 🤷‍♂️

Roughly how long is the queue at LSGG? Thinking of heading over in an F-22 from the UK. If the queue is long fuel might be an issue. An approximate time is all I need.

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It’s pretty clogged due to the fact that the amount of runways is about 1.


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