LSGG Ground performance

Hey to all!

Let me introduce this post with an apology: I was controlling until some minutes ago LSGG Ground when I started the session I considered it very fun and challenging due to the high amount of aircraft within the limited taxiway layout of Geneva.

But later I started to suffer a known issue in which a bunch of planes tuned or not tuned into your frequency suddenly disappears during 5 seconds or more, and when they re-appear you have to on-guard they to tune into your frequency. This issue caused me to lose the spacial vision of the planes, and subsequently causing to me to issue some unnecessary or not appropriate commands as I were thinking that you were for example, too close to another plane, you were cutting in line, etcetera.

I sincerely apologize as it caused a very poor controlling quality and performance.

But I need to point out that the mutual collaboration and understatement between pilots and controllers should be an objective to all of us, to guarantee a safe and coordinated journey!
Although most of the planes were obeying the order and indications, there were others that were not following it, leading to a break on the coordination and causing a big misunderstanding between all of us.

Anyways, I will make sure issues like the described above do not occur again on my own to provide quality controlling to you pilots!

Have a safe day and enjoy the Geneva event!


tbh I would have been impressed even if you hadn’t nad that bug - moving that much airplanes in such a small airport isn’t easy!


Talked to another controllers that was suffering the same issue.

I agree, opening ground at LSGG with this unrealistic amount of traffic is challenging

Loosing an aircraft while landing roll is the worst situation. If you clear the next aircraft for take and he appears again on the runway…However, good work today 👍🏼

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I am afraid 😧

Thanks, good work for all the Geneva Team, to you as well

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It’s a terrible issue to have at a busy field. I’ve on several occasions lost my LUAW with another aircraft on short final. Makes it feel like you are controlling blindfolded.

Nice of you to come on the forum and apologize, but technical app issues preventing you from performing are out of your control.


I know app related issues are out of the controllers control, anyways I just wanted to telling all of you that my controlling was not at highest quality

I think it’s the same bug that we have in flight. In events sometimes we see all aircrafts in the map and then some disappears and reappears later.
I recommend to move your topic to Support since it’s talking about an issue. Let’s see what other members think about this

I have to admit this event was the most crowded aiport I’ve ever experienced since I’ve joined to IF (based on the airport size). Nevertheless i believe that you guys still did a very great job when it comes to controlling. Sometimes these kind of situations occurs out of your power, same like when i was waiting for over 2 hours until i finally could depart. I think in these kind of situations patience is the key. Not only for the controllers but also for the pilots. I believe that if we as pilots act as patience as possible even tho we have to wait for 2 hours im very sure that even our behavior would ease your burden as well. IFATC stands for quality and professionalism. And we always appreciate the time you give for us in order to experience a real flight. Thank you.

When it comes to bug issue. That happens to me all the time as well… Planes come and disappear. For now i guess there’s nothing we can do much. Ive tried to change the visibility of planes to the highest on the settings. Still i couldn’t see any changes yet. Hope the devs will find a solution for that soon. I assume they’re waiting for the “Project Metal”.


Thank you bud

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