LSGG Flyout event and 60 knot Crosswind Landing at EGLL

Hello! These are some pictures during the Flyout at LSGG recently hosted by @Speedbird_286 which was a great event! Then I had a challenging landing at London Heathrow with a 60 knot crosswind which was a lot of fun and hard!

All the aircraft parked at the gates

Holding short of runway 22 waiting for the A350 to take off

Taking off runway 22

And then my tricky approach into 27R with 60 knot wind during landing

Hoped you liked the pics!


Nice screenshots i like the third one the best


Thank you :)

Amazing pictures Aadit! Good work 😄

Edit: Aadit your 4th picture does not comply with the rules of #screenshots-and-videos.

Please only post your best photos, making sure all HUD views, sidebars and display names and boxes are hidden

I recommend you take photos from the replay mode 😉

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Thank you!

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Great photos 🙃


thank you :)