LSG Sky Chefs Catering Truck


LSG Sky Chefs Catering Truck: A Feature Request

If you’ve ever flown into a major airport, chances are you’ve seen the LSG Sky Chefs catering truck towering next to an aircraft. LSG Sky Chefs is a catering company in the aviation business that is the largest catering service in the aviation industry. LSG Sky Chefs not only brings those pretzels and chicken dinners on your plane, but they also stock some of the most popular lounges in airports around the world

Why Should I Vote for This?

Just like we have airline liveries, I think it would be very cool and realistic to have the LSG Sky Chefs logo plastered on the side of some catering trucks within Infinite Flight. This would add to the realism of the simulator and create an overwhelmingly enjoyable experience for pilots as they depart or arrive at the airport. This feature request could also open up possibilities and ideas for people to post their own companies they would like to see at the airport.

Sample image of catering truck

Thank you for considering

But wouldnt that mean, that we would need different companies for every airport? We would need Do&Co in Vienna for example

Wouldn’t IF LLC have to deal with licensing the logo of those trucks? It may be too expensive to do that.

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I dont think so. Planes dont need one as far as I know and there are logos on them, too

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I thought about this as well, but I do not think that would be the case. Just like we have airline liveries fro different airlines doesn’t mean every airline is represented. As LSG Sky Chefs is the industry leader in airline catering.

I also thought about this but I was unsure what the liscencing details would be. Great point though!

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Maybe we could get a few companies that are randomly spawned? I love LSG as they have one of their biggest kitchens at my home airport, but I would also kinda want Do&Co as they are also huge and are known for being one of the best

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But I have to admit LSG is kinda iconic. Here they load an A350 at the satellite terminal at my home airport Munich (best in Europe).

Another minor problem I just noticed is, that they use different truck models depending on where you are.

Well, they use airlines’ logos, so i guess not? 😂

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That’s a very nice proposal. I think that will continue to be added in the future. The team has already answered the question of whether original logos will be on the respective objects in the future. In the first version that will soon be released, not but I think that will be added in the future. Is something very beautiful for the eye and realism.

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I would vote if we could get any inside from the devs/mods on wether or not this is possible

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I would like the trucks, but I ESPECIALLY want those lifting loaders.

Excuse me everyone, but last I checked this was a flight simulator…

That’s the part I’m referring to. There is talk of buildings, but why shouldn’t they mean other things?

Catering trucks = Realism 🤷‍♂️

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Driving Vehicles in a Flight Simulator = not stonks

Nobody is asking to drive the truck 🤔
They want realistic ground services
ie, catering trucks, baggage carts etc.


I dropped a vote

You still don’t get the joke…

Lol is this really necessary? We need to add different catering trucks on the sim now? 😂😂

I’m sorry, this is joke?
You seem plenty serious to me 🤦‍♂️

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