LRPD Helicopter Crash.

At approximately 11 am CST, a helicopter with the Little Rock Police Department Aviation Unit crashed after a maintenance flight. According to LT. Micheal Floyd, with the LRPD, there were two people on board the aircraft. They Helicopter was coming in for landing when it was hit by a straight line wind. The pilot a retired LRPD officer was seriously injured and was taken to an area hospital while the other officer was uninjured.

Article: Little Rock police on scene of LRPD helicopter crash |

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I hope the two people onboard get well 🙏🏾


Wow! Another incident. This is so sad. At least the cabin/seats still look good, and weren’t crushed! My thoughts and condolences to the victims.

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They weren’t killed; one was seriously injured while one walked away unscathed


Yep, I fixed it. Sorry


Wow… The pictures look horrible


1 seriously injured, one uninjured

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I agree! They are very fortunate

Let’s hope they both come out okay!

Ouch! Glad everyone is okay!
It’ll be interesting see what the report will say


It happened again. Maybe will see a change in procedures and regulations for helicopters! Now I see what @anon93248082 was talking about! Helicopter accidents sadly seem to be slowly increasing!

It will - If the reports starting off is right about wind I don’t think we’ll see any changes. With it being a Jet Bell I kinda have my suspicious on cause it but we shall see

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Condolences to the pilot.

no deaths at this time. just one serious injury

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People don’t want to see more regulations for their career or sport/hobby


People also don’t want their lives to end in tragedy!

I certainly don’t mind more regulations. I find most to be incredibly beneficial, and they are usually implemented individually to correct and unsafe issue. If more regulation is needed, bring it on in the same manner which it has been brought on before.

Typically all the regs that come out are due to accidents/incidents. So we shall see


Absolutely I certainly don’t want more regulations.

Thats two aircraft crashes in 48 hours! jeez!

My thoughts are with the victims of this horrific crash