LPMA visual approach session RWY 05 30JUL18

Hello all! I just wanted to share with you some cool images I got from an approach session at LPMA. Using liveflightapp.com I downloaded the KML file for almost all aircraft (21 total) I vectored during the session and took some screenshots that I am sharing with you below…

I was pleasantly surprised that all pilots were familiar with the visual approach procedures and as you can see on the flight paths, managed to approach the runway correctly! Nice job everyone that stopped by :). I obviously can’t recall or know everyone that showed up but I can tell @GHamsz @Boodz_G and @Freddiefrogs are shown on the screenshots.

Air Portugal 549
Air Portugal 628
Dynasty 2 9 7
Air Portugal 2004
Transavia 1627
Iberia 1973
Air Portugal 1 6 93
Finnair 1 7 3 1
Turkish 101
Channex 138
Air Portugal 806
WizzAir 001
Speedbird 2 7 8 0
Air Portugal 1691
Air Portugal 9 2 5
Air Portugal 224
Easy 2346
Speedbird 9


If you are not familiar with LPMA rwy 05 visual approach please check this very nice tutorial from @Btp91


Verry nice visualisation!

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Wow this is so great, your pictures are very informative and very well done ! I’m also glad that people approach this airport with so much precision and dedication. Great job everyone !

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Props to all the pilots for landing successfully, great job guys :)
Keep it Professional on Expert, It makes everyone’s day a breeze, for both Pilots and ATC 👍


That looks so weird but also amazing

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Great work on approach @MannyG! It’s a very nice approach! If anyone hasn’t done this approach, you should definitely give it a go!


I love seeing examples like this, of pilots knowing how to complete one of these real-world visuals in IF. It happened at KDCA last week, and again here. Great to see!

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I never thought about combining multiple KML files after a flight! I am going to try this next time I do a Flight of Two with @Balloonchaser!

When I controlled today all the pilots took the visual. It’s such a great moment when they all behave and all do such a fun approach.

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