LPA spotting (part 1)

A collection of photos from my most recent trip to GCLP, these are the only decent quality images I’ve uploaded so far, there are more to come.

I have photos from different angles of most of these aircraft just ask if you want me to upload them.


Wow i hawe flown a lot in to LPA but i never have had the chanse to spott there do you have anymore photos of the iberia express a320 i have flown on exact that Aircraft in your picture?

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That Condor looks so sexy!

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Sorry, that’s one of the few I only have one of, it parked pretty far away from where I was spotting :(, I would recommend taking a small amount of time to spot there if you could, the smoking area on top of the building has some great views.

Very nice catches! The 757 is my favourite!

Awesome Pics

I Will try next time im there

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Very nice, some of the best spotting pictures I’ve seen on the forum, well done mate

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