LOWW-LOWI Requested Timelapse

This is a requested timelapse by @Jakub_Astary

Thank you to @Jakub_Astary for requesting this.

Hope you enjoy!



Nice! like time lapses. Watch your taxi speed. very steep approach.


I would say always focus on the flight and recording comes 2nd!

Can use replay mode afterwards! and improve on the realism of you’re flight


Nice, but one thing I noticed is that you did several stops on your descent, instead of a continues one. You had a very steep approach angle, because you did not calculate your descent correctly. Also, you did not do the correct approach path that’s actually used for the airport. You were suppose to turn left from the valley to your right on approach. But, you will learn these things slowly.

But, anyways, you’re getting better. Keep It up!


A Q400 can fly maximum 28,000ft.

Other than that loved the timelapse!


Nice time lapse!

Did you notice you had flaps extended for the entire flight?
Also, your final descent was quite steep.


Nice initiative, your flight plan as to be done prior the push back!
Have a nice day.

You should change the plane view from time to time because it can get a bit boring to always see the same view. You should also film the replay instead of the actual flight.

Mind if I ask how you actually able to screen record the entire flight without your the app actually crashing…
I have tried to actually live stream my flights before but it never worked out. Maybe we put it to the PMs as I don’t want to go off topic.
At the end of the day, it is definitely an amazing time lapse.

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