LOWI flight plan

Im gonna make a flight plan to LOWI knowimage|820x273 sorry for the callsigns i cant help it but i wanted to know if that is the approach u make through the mountains into LOWI

Austria eAIP is public

Charts for LOWI


IAP 26

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Thanks but i understand nothing in this…

Despite Austria Charts are ICAO, this tutorial should help:

Reading Aviation Charts is crucial for Navigation. It is worth to learn.


I agree with the above message, study and get to know the FAA charts! They are very helpful and can be very important at difficult airports (like LOWI).

I would also take advantage of IF Approaches already in the sim. The developers make sure realistic procedures are in effect to the best extent, therefore by clicking on the airport, going to procedures, and selecting approaches, you can use the real world approach!

If you were just to rely on VIsual references, instead of the real approaches, I would follow this:

  • If 26 is in use, a simple straight-in approach is needed, nothing complicated
  • If you wish to choose the challenging Visual Runway 8, then firstly enter a Right Downwind for 8
  • Stick closely to the runway, the downwind width really isn’t very wide at Innsbruck
  • In real life, pilots use a church to turn base. I believe the turning point is around 1/3 down the localizer (the red cone by the runway)
  • Make sure you are staying 1000ft above the terrain on downwind, once you turn base you have to quite rapidly turn and descend for the runway

Enjoy your flight to Innsbruck!


You could try a visual approach into LOWI.

Someone had asked a similar question here, about interpreting the approach chart:


This is exactly what i want to do!

This was very helpful thank you

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Btw did u mean rwy8?

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Yep, I did, oops. Changed it now

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Ok thank u was a bit confused but now i understand thanks

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watch me get vectors the time i dont need it :/

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  1. dont hit a mountain
  2. dont hit a mountain

That’s why it’s important to follow a missed approach procedure, take some time to learn how to correctly interpret charts, if you follow it correctly you should not run into the terrain. I’m not sure why you ran into the mountain on the right downwind, or I guess maybe ATC had instructed you to enter the right downwind on go around. This is one of the shortcomings of the limited commands we have with IFATC, sometimes we aren’t able to express what should be done. Since we don’t have missed approach procedures implemented with IFATC yet, remember the rules are “Aviate, Navigate, Communicate”. In this context, you should have climbed above the MSA first most likely before entering the right downwind, which would be the “aviate” portion of this phrase. Then you wouldn’t have crashed into the mountain.

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In the VFR Chart is a clear statement:

The given VFR procedure is definitely not for big birds:

have I said that I like charts? 😁


Makes sense i dont really think in those situations thats why but ty for the help ur absolutely right

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