Lowest visibility landing

What is your lowest visibility you can land with?

Any. As long as the airport at least has a gps approach equipped


0 if you must. I usually try and use the approach system under 10.

If I don’t have the APPR system than I just go for it!


Mine is the same. Usually I just screw the gps an d go for it. I come in a little low though

And what happens when you do that…

Yeah I wouldn’t recommend flying manually (or not using ILS or GPS) in low visibility conditions.

KNUC seems to have some interesting off-shore weather; in a matter of moments you’ll have virtually no ceiling, with visibility of less than a quarter-mile.

Factoring in your destination’s altitude, beforehand, keeps you at ease.

Use the ILS, it provides some way of correcting to the runway. Alternatively, train to land at that airport until you become a pro at it 😎

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WMKK lor lol always foggy macam haze from Indonesia liddat hahaha

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Whatever the world throws at me! I usually just follow the glideslope.

Eh dun ah
Someone still help set up Garuda 😂

I haz nothing against Indonesia hahaha

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