Lowering flaps during taxi

I just have a quick question. Do you lower your flaps during taxi or when you’re holding short of the runway? Thank you to anyone who responds.


I usually set my flaps for takeoff in between starting my engines and taxiing


You’d have them set before you even taxi.

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Check this out for further information:



  1. Turn on apu
  2. Pushback
  3. Start engines
  4. Lower flaps (below 10)
  5. Turn on strobes
  6. Check spoilers

Turning on strobes before beginning taxi…?


Was it strobes or beacons? I can’t remember.

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Ik that nav are on since before pushback then beacon must be on when engine is on


I usually turn on my navs as I climb out and set my LNAV.

Yes. Nav lights remain on when the cockpit is manned, so from when you spawn in until when you spawn out. Beacons should be illuminated prior to starting up engines. Strobes and landing lights are saved until later.


Thanks for your help! Now I can use my lights without the regulars cringing.


Heres some detail for when to use all the Lights -

Nav - when cockpit is manned & power available
Beacon - before aircraft manoeuvres or engine start (even before pushback if you aren’t starting until that’s complete!)
Strobes - on prior to entering runway after takeoff clearance has been achieved and off once clear of all runways.
Landing Lights - as above, but also off when climbing through 10,000ft and on when coming back down through it.

I have a friend who has flown most aircraft in Delta’s fleet (except for A350, 777, and A330) and he has told me that he usually puts them on again when about 5-8 miles from the airfield, or when he starts seeing traffic around the aircraft.


Just for insight into real world situations, GA aircraft usually set their flaps on the run up bay while bigger aircraft (two or more pilots) do it on the way to the hold short line (during taxi).

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Flaps should always be lowered after push and engine start, anyway this is your decision but we want to be as professional as possible and in order to do that you should follow the exact procedures as in the real life.

strobe lights are the first to be turned on and the last to be turned off

You sure about that? Strobes are the white flashy ones on the wingtips and tail.

It would be nav lights, then beacons. Strobes are used when on any part of the runway and also when in the air. Typically they aren’t used on the ground before that.

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Hi, usually after you pushback you then put your flaps down. Regards to beacon lights you switch them on before you contact ground asking for pushback. This usually indicates that your ready to be push-backed from the gate! Hope that helps

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So talking about smaller aircraft who are not equipped with beacon lights, the strobe should be the first to be turned on and the last to be turned off and I can guarantee that because I’m attending a flight school and I personally fly this kind of airplanes, anyway “Anti-collision lights, if the plane has them, should be used whenever the engine is running except when they interfere with ground operations. Strobes do not have to be used all the time if a beacon is on. Navigation lights should be used during night operations”. So it is good to be turned on before requesting for departure or entering the runway. By the way during night operations since our aircraft in IF doesn’t have taxi lights I would recommend you to turn them on earlier than expected in order for the other airplanes on the ground as well as the tower to be able to see you clearly.
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When both engines are running. Then I start with the flaps. Then I taxi to the runway. After that I turn on my strobes and landing lights on the runway. Takeoff