Lowered graphics performance after 19.1 upgrade.


I already know that. I’m talking about memory.


can everybody please state the make of their phone.


In order for their to be improvement in the sim they can only support less capable devices for so long, the sim is evolving and demands are higher therefore some older and devices may be sacraficed for some new and exciting features. They less capable devices can only handle so much


Well that’s only gonna make me quit unfortunately. So I guess I’ll say goodbye now.

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The only help I can give you for now is
Turning aircraft count down to “low”
Turning rendering quality down to “Fast”
Texture Quality to “Low”
And Turning Limit frame rate on

Which in the OP you already stated you have done.


Please feel free to check my Oscar winning thread, although I will be updating it soon to a new thread!


Im using a S8, it used to run very good before the update with high graphics. Now there s definitely some lag, not unbearable but still noticable. I dont understand why they had to mess with the graphics settings

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I’m having the same problem, before the update I played with low graphics and it continued with good resolution for me and without delays, after 19.1 I can not play anymore.

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Interesting point. I think the issue with this would be, what does “older devices” really mean and at what point in time do certain devices fall into that bracket?

Speaking personally from experience as an engineer, albeit for web, performance across devices is a very tricky area to tackle because there is a vast wilderness of devices out there, especially on the Android side of the market, as well as unknown root causes if some issues. Consider that for however many hundreds of devices out there, they all consist of a mixture of components (CPU, GPU, memory, storage and much more), all of which will have its own peak performance points that manufacturers will add in to create a device that hits X performance metrics for X price. All these components are then contributing factors to the experience you have when you are using a device. At some point in time, the components of that device will naturally be on the declining end of the current/todays performance spectrum, which is something not solely common to the consumer electronics market, but generally and equally as frustrating. This is pretty much an identical scenario for things like PCs, but the benefit there is they are mostly user upgradable.

In general, a word like “optimise” can sound very clear cut and straight forward, but that is probably the last thing it could be, simply because you are dealing in the unknown, multiplied by the number of devices your consumer/customer base may be using. Making one change on some feature could improve the experience one device, but then also degrade it on another. Also, a lot of the time developers will not have every single device available to them, so it’s not always obvious when one device underperforms or suffers as result of some changes.

It’s also worth mentioning that as a community, we do generally ask for a lot, and some features that get added do require the better performance. Unfortunately sometimes this means support for devices needs to be dropped (although for IF they only state supported platforms, not devices), but ultimately holding back advancement for the sake of older devices is also not possible, plus would then equally cause uproar in the community. Personally, I chose to purchase a device I knew would last a while and mostly around my IF usage, which unfortunately did come at quite high cost, but it was a measure of what my expectations were for longevity/performance of the device vs what my expected use of it was.

This above is just a brief delve into things, there is definitely other factors that come into play. Not saying I disagree with your point, but I think many could learn to understand how software development works and what the difficulties, pitfalls and constraints are.

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Too much text haha. I don’t have time to read all that.


Haha, no problem!


Don’t worry about it. What do you expect from an update that just came out? Obviously is going to be laggy. Even I’m lagging and I have a powerful device that has never had any lag problems. There will probably be a smaller update to fix this. Just wait patiently.


Yeah yeah yeah apparently so laggy that every other update i had no lag.


This update was a bit different though. Let’s give the devs a chance to work things out and reproduce on their end. Maybe some tweaks will come but there’s a delicate balance between progressing forward and optimization of the app.


Well, I hope there will be an update where it has been a lot more optimized and there is the same level of lag as in the other updates, so, not much.


Same goes for me, I might have to quit this game since I don’t have enough money to buy myself an iPad


It does seem that quite a lot of people are not able to play the game now due to the simplified settings. Im guessing this was some sort of a way to knock off some devices


The devs are aware and are researching the problem.

Let’s keep the off-topic chat down please so we can focus on those who are experiencing the issue in this support thread.


Ok so it does seem that i am having a similiar issue.
My device is the honor view 20 which has a chipset that is very well capable of playing demanding games at the highest of settings without a sweat. This should be the same with infinite flight aswell however when playing using the highest of settings it does get laggy at points when i look around. Theres absolutely no lag when im on a straight course and i look around but when the autopilot makes a turn and i look around it starts to lag. I dont know why this happens because my phone should run it smoothly.

Edit: it seems that it only occurs sometimes.


I have an samsung galaxy s6 and have the same problems. The cam with the Details is perfect no bugs but the engine cam the outside cam of the aircraft and any other cams are really laggy…
Before this update it was so smooth. But now i cant play IF.