Lowered graphics performance after 19.1 upgrade.


let’s get straight into it. Yes, I am excited about the new update and all… but there is a problem that may lead to me actually quitting IF.

I always used low graphics in the older versions to have lag-free flights. Now with the ‘simplified’ graphics update, it is near to impossible to play.

First off, the Fast graphics setting has Low graphics and low resolution. FPS are slower than what I had with low graphics and high resolution.

Second off, it is super laggy even at Fast graphics. In theory, if it has low graphics and low resolution it should be a lot faster than with high resolution. Yet it’s super slow.

This needs to be fixed, or I’m forced to quit IF.


Im not gonna quit if but I got the same problem, if I put them fast it runs smooth but the game is trash then

Yeah but I’ll have to quit. With this render quality I won’t even get anywhere.

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You don’t provide any info about your device. Please do.

Also; See this post from Phillipe:

Huawei Mediapad T3 10 16 GB with 64 GB SD Card

I have tested a Media Pad T5 and it did not run well. Experts told me the Mali GPU was not so good for IF.
I use a iPad Pro 9.7 2016/2017 and it runs smooth in highest settings.

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I already know it’s bad at good graphics. But it was very good at Low graphics. Now I can’t even play IF.


I understand.
They do what they can to make IF run on as many devices as possible.
I know @Kirito_77 will update the device compability thread. Be sure to check it out.

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I tried today to play… It is impossible… Before update I played on medium settings and it was ok. Now all settings are low - the game is not nice, and until is lagging… I have to stop to play until there are this problems…

Yes indeed. Lag is high, and only gets worse and worse.

That definitely doesn’t matter. I could have 15 apps in the background in 18.6 and have no lag.

What does replay have to do with lag?

Just a tip:
You can get a refurbished Ipad Air 2 for €239 with 2 years warranty.

Well, as games progress they get more demanding graphics! The reason for this is technology improvements and avdnacement! We get better processors and gpu’s so we try to take use of that, but it also means that older devices won’t be able to run as well as new devices! I see people complaining, but if you have a 4 year old device or even 3 year old, it means that you are using that many years old technology. It means that in 4 years or so things have changes and got better! You can’t complain for that, as games get better they are more graphic intensive and older devices aren’t supported. Like iOS and Android software updates to old phones! It’s almost the same concept. I know the the tablet you are using is from 2017, but what’s inside of it may be older than that! When my devices stop running things correctly and starts to lag, it’s just a sign for me to upgrade.

I don’t understand how this makes it viable on more devices. Aren’t you basically saying it’s doing the opposite? He shouldn’t have to spend hundreds of euros on a new device just to play IF. Are new devices unable to handle the old graphics?

I agree. The only reason I bought this tablet was to play IF on Global with good performance. Now I have to spend hundreds of euros (which even 200 may seem cheap, but trust me, it’s very expensive in PLN).
I think they should optimize more older devices, not just new ones. I bet the new ones would do just fine without that teenie tiny bit of optimization.

Well I don’t think a ‘tip over the edge’ would be a whole lot to drop the FPS so much.

You do realise that an old iPhone 5 can record 1080p?

It was just a suggestion don’t shoot the messenger. Just shared my experience with the T5. It’s a low end device. Around € 200.

Actually, shouldn’t be 200 euros. My device is 15% slower than what the T5 is. And it costed around 100 euro, that means it should be like 150 euros.