Lowercase Callsigns

I have seen many people in the virtual skies with callsigns with lowercase letters. Not the Airline pre-made callsign such as Sosuthwest XXX, and not a GA call sign such as N304PP. Lowercase callsigns such as

  • kuwaits private jet
  • K Pop A 3 80
  • Mary Poppins
  • bok bok chicken
    And many others. How can I ‘obtain’ one of these?

You must be a moderator to hold a lowercase callsign. Back in the dark ages, you were able to have a lower case callsign, but it was later removed. Some players opted to keep their callsign until this day. This is why you will see some pilots flying around with lower case callsigns. If they were to change their callsign, they would lose their lowercase callsign forever

They were either changed by a mod or had their name before the rule was changed

Minds was lowercase, but about 1 month after it was removed I changed it and lost it forever.

Ok. This can be closed now.

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Flagged it.Should be closed shortly :)

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